Regular exams ensure lasting dental wellness.

Whether you already have strong teeth or your oral health could use some improvement, it’s always good to receive a routine dental checkup. We advise all patients to visit our practice once every six months for a complete checkup. We use these visits to stay on top of your oral health and provide timely treatment if any important discoveries are made.

At your checkup, you will receive a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays if necessary, and an oral cancer screening. Our dental care specialists also use this visit to examine any existing restorations for wear and tear.

Professional Teeth Cleaning
A professional tooth cleaning is a deep and thorough cleansing of a person’s entire mouth. When conducting professional teeth cleaning, we use specially designed dental tools to remove hardened plaque that has accumulated. After the harmful buildups have been removed, we give the teeth a nice polish and cleanse to eliminate surface stains. A professional teeth cleaning leaves the patient with a long-lasting sense of oral freshness. During this treatment, we also take the time to examine the mouth for any signs or symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay.

Digital X-Rays
Our experts provide digital X-rays as a way of examining the hidden areas of a patient’s oral structures. By doing this, we can detect problems or issues that would otherwise be invisible. Once we view the X-rays, we can obtain a better understanding of any symptoms that are affecting the patient. If anything is discovered, we can proceed with providing the most effective and timely treatment possible.

Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer does not discriminate, and it can affect patients of any age or walk of life. That is why we take the time to conduct an oral cancer screening on our patients. We carefully examine the patient’s lips, tongue, face, gums, throat, and oral tissues for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer. By catching the disease in its earliest stages, there is a much greater chance of successfully treating this dangerous condition.

A complete dental checkup at Irving Dental is important for any patient. Please call us at (972) 313-2002 to schedule an appointment.