Gentle, child-friendly dental care for smiles.

At Irving Dental, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service and treatment to patients of all ages. Younger patients are always welcome at our practice, and we take great pride in providing children and teens with a positive dental foundation that can last a lifetime. By scheduling regular dental visits early in your child’s life, they are less likely to require more extensive treatments as they grow older. Because of this, it is highly recommended that parents start considering dental services for their children as early as possible.

The First Visit
A child’s first dental visit is always an exciting time. Parents should make sure that their child receives their first dental visit before they turn one year old. This milestone appointment is your child’s first opportunity to have their mouth and oral structures professionally examined. We will make sure that your child’s teeth are developing as they should and that everything appears normal. During this time, we also like to provide parents with useful information regarding teething, cavity prevention, thumb sucking, and more. Parents are also free to ask any questions during this time so that they can provide their child with the best oral care possible.

Kid’s Complete Checkups
Just like adults, every child must receive a complete dental checkup at least twice per year. These routine visits allow us to keep track of your child’s oral health and to provide timely treatment if it is ever necessary. These appointments are a great opportunity for parents to address any concerns they have about their child’s oral hygiene habits.

Preventive Treatments
Preventive dental treatments are commonly provided for children as a way of preventing the need for more extensive procedures later in life. It is known that preventive treatments are generally most effective at younger ages, so getting your child started as early as possible is recommended. Some of the preventive treatments offered at Irving Dental include dental sealants, fluoride applications, and mouth guards for children who participate in contact sports.

We take extra care to provide children with dental restorations that look and feel natural. If your child or teen ever comes to us for a filling, crown, bridgework, or veneer, you can be sure that they will receive the best possible care.

Your child may need space maintainers if they lose a tooth too early or have a baby tooth extracted. A space maintainer is a custom-made appliance that will keep the space open, allowing the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place. If a space is not maintained, teeth can potentially shift into the open space and orthodontic treatment may be required.

Emergency Dentistry
Because of the extremely active lifestyles that children live, it’s no surprise that many dental emergencies affect younger patients. While we hope that your child never experiences a dental emergency, our team is always ready to provide prompt treatment for your child if necessary. During this time, our caring staff will do everything possible to help your child feel safe and comfortable throughout this event.

Help your child get on the right track for great oral health by scheduling an appointment at Irving Dental. Please call us at (972) 313-2002 to get started.